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A little reminiscence anyone?

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By the way, Amanda and anyone else who cares, guess what? (maybe Nathan already told us this. . .) Did we know that the guy who directed the production of Sweeney Todd that we saw was the guy who wrote Seven Stories? Now that I think about it I think we did. Oh well.

Miss you all!
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!!!!!! our Elphaba!! She sounds amazing.
This is hardly Urinetown related, NATHAN!!!!!

*hits you over the head with a copy of The Malthus Library Catalogue Specifically This Copy because it is hardcover*
I still can't figure out how to post in the real thing!
That is hardly an excuse. *shakes fist* I'll forgive you this time, but only because to hit you with that book I'd have to buy it :o)

To post in the community you:
1)go to update journal.
2)type whatever you want to say in the space provided.
3)at the bottom it says something like post to and there is a scroll bar menu thing. The default one will be your journal. You have to switch it to grade12plus.

That's really it.

Good luck with that.
I don't see an "update journal".
(What's that from? Not a musical, so whatever :o) )

It's the same place you go to write in your own journal. As you have an entry, by all logic you have seen it before sometime. If you have the default livejournal setup (You probably do) you can get to update journal from the bar at the top. Put your cursor where it says welcome and then underneath there is an update your journal option. It's third from the left on the lighter blue bar just below the dark one that has the welcome.

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